QA Online Training


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QA Online Training

QA Online Training Can Provide You With A New Career Path

The need for Quality Assurance (QA) always emerges to determine the proper functioning of the service. The products used in the online platform are no different from it. The main purpose of QA is to find out the defects or prevents mistake in product. That helps the users to get a product which functions properly without any hassle. In Software, the aspect of QA is applied to understand its credibility. Also, it determines if the software is adequate for fulfilling the functionality of the business it is developed for. Also, QA assures that the software is absolutely bug free, before it is set out for shipping in the market.

The aspects included in the course

The QA Online Training courses are designed in such a way that they cover all the aspects which are related with the field of QA. An individual with IT or Non-IT background is eligible to take up an online training. To start with, the students are provided with a fair knowledge about the various testing tools that will be used to assure the quality of the software. Each topic is taught in an in-depth manner. The course is not only theoretical, but it also has the option of practical testing included in it. The course is always updated as per the requirement of the industry. That helps you in honing your skills in a better way. You can expect to have a good career with the help of the QA Online Training.

The scope of job

When you are investing in QA Online Training, then it is, needless to say, that you will need a proper Return of Investment (ROI). This field is such which is known for providing you with a proper ROI. The field of IT is ever evolving. There are also various new IT companies which are being established. The companies are always in need of those individuals who are skilled and have a flare for working in the online platform. Thus, it can be said that the job opportunity one gets after a proper QA Online Training is huge.

Winding up

The best institutes have those faculties who are known for their expertise in the field of QA. When you take up the QA Online Training from a proper institution, then you get an opportunity to learn the subject in an accurate way. They provide you with materials and videos to help you in learning of the course in a better way. Also, they have a provision for interactive video training. You can also get offline stuff support when you opt for a reliable website to learn your course. You can take the help of the online reviews to find a proper institute.


QTP Online Training


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QTP Online Training

QTP Online Training –A Fresh Technology, A Fresh Chance

Software testing is a primary part of the Software development and support industry in today’s date. Every company in the Information Technology business knows the importance of testing software, a patch update, or a version update through manual or automated testing tools before a release. QTP or QuickTest-Professional from the house of Hewlett & Packard is that tool which gives a new face to facilitating Automation Testing. QTP specifically supports Regression and Functional Testing. Moreover, QTP improvises in its user interface that provides and can be proudly called an IDE or Integrated-Development-Environment for that particular Test. Now, this IDE comes with a lot of interesting features. These features are there to help a Tester in developing a script, which will be ample enough to successfully substantiate the entire purpose of performing the Test.

The QTP comes with awesome new aspects and a great promise of being a successful Automation Tester. Now, if you are a manual tester, or a part of the automation team at your office and really desperately looking forward to a growth with some new features in Testing tools, which you have none in the vicinity, QTP would be the answer to your worries. QTP Online Training can be a good way to go if you are really eyeing that promotion and your appraisals are near with nothing or no new technology to learn.

Well, QTP Online Training is much more than simply a new technology helping you out in your appraisals. Once I go on with some of the aspects, you would understand why I mentioned that and would probably just give you a better reason to go for that training. The QTP is using Visual Basic script as its preferred language for scripting. It specifically runs on a Windows environment. It supports Java .Net, Web, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Web Services, Siebel, and some more of the major languages.

What does a QTP Online Training consist

To get ready for a QTP Online Training you need to get a valid license for QTP. You can however do with a valid trial version installed in your learning phase. However, if you do want to go with a license, then remember that there are two types of them for QTP. A single user license is known as Seat License, and the other for a specific number for machines is the Concurrent or the Floating License.

In an ideal QTP Online Training environment you get introduced to Automation Testing –what is it and its benefits. You learn Recording and Playback of a Test, how is it to work with Test Objects as well as Object Repositories, Synchronization, basic scripts of VB, user-defined functions, how to verify a Database, checkpoints, Actions, and handling of Run-Time errors.

Concluding It

QTP is an application tool that aids in Regression Testing and Functional Testing of a software application automated. The available version works with Visual Basic script and works in Windows environment only. And if you are looking for a new automation revolution in software testing then go for a QTP Online Training.


PHP Online Training By Real Time Expert


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PHP Online Training By Real Time Expert

A PHP Online Training For A Career In Web Design

The creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf describes it as a multi-platform, HTML based, server-side web script language. With the present course of web development, PHP is being adapted to write all forms of XML contents. It was developed like server-side modules for performing some specific web-server jobs on small UNIX based web servers. But, since its arrival PHP has become one of the most important Web writing tools that are being used in the most popular servers and operating systems in the World Wide Web. The language requires proper learning for efficient implementation, which is provided through a PHP online training. 

Course of learning

A PHP online training can prepare you with a great career in the field of web design. You will learn how to perform several server side functions; you will learn to execute web scripts from command lines and to develop clients-side GUI applications to be operated on most platforms. You will learn to control any database access and will learn about the uses of MySQL and PHP. You will know how to assess most data bases and to store data on servers. It will teach you to generate various file formats. The program will teach you its application in scripting language and to create graphic content.

Use PHP for success

PHP has gained popularity for its uses in generating web pages and client side web applications. It finds use in the e-commerce business. It is used to generate e-mails and is used in scripting languages in Word or Excel. You can also use it for GIF and PNG images along with other functionalities. Millions of websites and server use PHP, so it is essential to get a PHP online training to prosper in the web design arena. You should know that software such as WordPress, Joomla and others use PHP and a training program can make you ready with the right knowledge of the industry to advance your career prospects.

Sign up for online training

IF you are interested in web designing, then it is an excellent time to take a PHP online training. The best training facilities provide education in low costs, but never compromise on the quality of education. They have the best training facilities and a job-ready curriculum to help you prosper in the field. The course curriculum covers the most important topics and delivers academic lessons using real world project based training. The online programs gives you advantage of studying from home or after working hours with effective short duration training as the ABC training institute.

A2Z online training institute provides best customized courses in the industry with excellent quality course materials. The education is imparted through modern video tutorials and live, interactive classes with professional and experienced faculties. They also provide learning through live projects and theoretical practice. Students get great placement assistance all within an affordable course fee with easy payment procedures. The authenticity of the software that is used by A2Z online is the only reason that you will be able to benefit from quality education.

Contact numbers : +91 88013 86489 (India)

                               +1 339 368 6489 (USA)


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Website :




SAS Online Training By Real Time Expert


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SAS Online Training By Real Time Expert

A Great Career Ahead With A SAS Online Training  

The growing IT industry is always on the look out for skilled professionals that are capable of delivering the required services in fasting moving competitive world. The demand for certification courses is always high as it gets you top jobs in the industry. The SAS Online training provided to students offers certification with an in-depth knowledge of the statistical analysis system. The SAS programs and tools are the best tools in the market to conduct every kind of analytical problems. The tool can be used for general as well as complicated data analysis and even to create simple lists or summary reports. It is used to define data columns or variables and for executing conditional codes.

Overviewof the course

A SAS Online training program teaches you about the programming language of SAS with an education on the internal functioning of the tool. The course work includes knowledge of navigating with the windowing environment of SAS. It teaches you how to solve the data related problems. You will learn how to navigate SAS programming through a guided programming environment, to read different kinds of data and to inculcate them in the SAS data. You will learn to create subset data, as well as SAS variables. You will be able to make summary reports and listings based on the SAS programs and also to validate the data sets on SAS.

Uses of the tool

SAS finds several uses in the IT industry, it is primarily used to read data and conduct several manipulations on the data. It is used to make rescaling, transformation or deletion of data. Secondly it is also used to make and generate informative statistics, make reports and perform analysis of data along with cluster analysis. It is also used to make print listings and plots among others functions. A SAS Online training prepares the studentsto make use of the program and reap its benefits in all forms of data analysis and report generation.

Different Topics Involved

The SAS Online Training course involves different types of topics that can help you in acquiring the right skill sets. The different types of topics that this form of training necessarily deals with can be listed as below:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Administration
  • Industry-Focused Solutions

In the foundation part of the training, you will be able to acquire details relating to theprogramming and SAS Enterprise Guide. The advanced Analytics portions deals with other topics such as; data mining, business statistics, statistical analysis and JMP Statistical Analysis.The sub-topics you will be able to learn in the business Intelligence includes; SAS Visual Analytics,SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence and Technology Area/Application. In the industry-focused solutions, you will be able to learn about the health and life sciences.SAS Platform and Technology Area are some of the other topics you will be able to learn in the Administration part of the training module.


SAS Online Training Hyderabad India


SAS Online Training

With every passing day, businesses around the world face more competition and challenge than ever before. It is manifested that businesses find it really challenging to handle the big data that continue to grow in the world of terrific competition. In order to sustain in this competition, it becomes quite crucial for the business to take their business decision with great pace so that they can match the changes in the market. Advanced and synchronized data analytics are required for the same. Here lies the effectiveness of SAS that is the acronym of Statistical Analysis System. If you wish to enjoy the challenge in your career that would bring huge success for you, it would be wise on your part to undergo the training program that is aimed to offer you the required knowledge about SAS.

Overview of SAS course

In order to modify business performance, it is necessary for every business owners to analysis data of various aspects of business operations. Several types of SAS oriented courses are offered by organizations, to improve their skills. Businesses are in high demand of trained SAS professionals. You can select your preferred one from the wide range of coursework that include SAS Programming that introduced to the basic concepts of SAS and hence is ideal for beginners. On the other hand, if you have knowledge on SAS and wish to increase specialized knowledge on Statistical Analysis, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Platform Administration and many more. It is worth mentioning over here that SAS online training courses are exclusively designed for professionals so that they can hone their skills and advance in their career. Moreover, students that wish to start off with their dream job can undergo this online SAS training.

Application in the real world

SAS helps in various ways in improving business performance. SAS comes, with the scope, to enlarge the utility of advanced analytics, perform promptly and confidently, highly scalable, add insights at infiltrate speeds. Simply learn the most powerful tool of data analyses and get started. With the online SAS training, you will learn the latest technicalities and utility of the program that enable you to perform well in your professional life.

Learn from A2Z online training institute

If you are planning of taking the training, consider selecting the online option as online training courses come with lucrative offers. You can save your valuable time and money, at the same time while learning the advanced technicalities to enjoy immense success in your career path. A2Z online training institute is a remarkable name in this industry that offers comprehensive courses. You can select your favorite packages and get a hefty amount of raining discounts on your course fees. Faculties of the institute have several years of experience that enable them to offer the ideal training to the students. They develop the study material with immense care so that it can offer the required knowledge to the learners.


Contact numbers : +91 88013 86489 (India)

                  +1 339 368 6489 (USA)


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Website :


SAP ABAP Online Training By Real Time Expert

SAP ABAP Online Training

SAP is one of the most powerful business weapons of the modern business, which enables the business to enjoy smooth and effective business performance. Interestingly, this software comes with various modules and advanced portfolio of application along with some innovative features. SAP ABAP is one such application that stands for Advanced Business Application Program. If you wish to hone your skills and want to pursue your career as an IT professional simply get admitted in SAP ABAP Online Training course that comes with you as the initial opportunity, to spend your career in the same field.

ABAP is required to develop SAP. It is the programming language that can help businesses to develop application subsystem. With the passage of time, the number of ABAP language is developed and recently, various types of ABAP languages are there. SAP ABAP is widely used to develop custom reports and interfaces. Business requires SAP ABAP to enhance their performance from every respect so that they can sustain in the field effectively. According to the report of the survey, demand of this effective programming language is increasing with a great pace. A large number of well skilled human resources is required to fulfill the requirement. Simply get enlisted in SAP ABAP Online Training course and pave the possibility of your success in an amazing manner.

In case, you are really interested in shining in the future, it would be excellent for you to join SAP ABAP Online Training course. Before enrolling in the course, simply ensure that you are enjoying the course from the reliable and leading institution that comes with several incredible and comprehensive services and offers. There is no room of doubt of the fact that online training course offers you to enjoy some innovative benefits. This is especially true in case if you are already working. As such courses are offered in flexible duration and can access throughout the day, online training programs become a preferred choice of numerous professionals to hone their skills and expertise, at the same time they are enjoying their great career prospect. However, if you are fresher and wish to grab the huge demand of the market, adopt the career of SAP programmer.

Online Solvers Institute offers world class training to the students through their highly qualified trainers. They would expose you to the tools and techniques of the course so that you can learn them effectively and apply them in your professional life to advance in the respective field with great pace and enjoy success. If you still doubt to select their SAP ABAP Online Training course, the following would offer you the idea for selecting the same.

  • Well structured course
  • Flexible timings
  • Great fees
  • Easy payment procedure and option
  • High quality facilities
  • Placement assistance
  • Advanced study materials
  • Expert and experienced faculties

Stop thinking and join their demo class to ensure about the effectiveness of the course today. You do not need to wait for a single day to join a reputed organization after completion of the course.


SAP ABAP Online Training Hyderabad India

SAP ABAP Online Training Course Content:
Introduction to ERP

What is ERP?
Why we need ERP?
Advantages of ERP
Major ERP Packages

Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture

What is SAP?
History & Features of SAP
SAP R/2 Architecture (Limitations of R/2 Architecture)
SAP R/3 Architecture (Types of work processes)
SAP R/3 Application Modules
SAP Landscape

Introduction to ABAP/4

What is ABAP?
Logon to SAP Environment
Transaction Codes
Multitasking Commands
ABAP/4 Editor (SE38)
Steps for Creating a Program
Elements in R/3 Screen
Out put Statements
Operators in ABAP
Data, Parameter & Constant Statements
Data Types & Classification
Data Objects & Classification
Text Elements
String Operations
Control Statements
Field strings

ABAP Dictionary

ABAP Dictionary Introduction
Data Dictionary Functions
Data Dictionary Objects
Data Base Tables
Data Elements
Type Groups
Search helps
Lock objects
Primary Key and Foreign Key
Table Maintenance Generator


Creating a package
Difference between local objects & packages
Transferring local objects to packages


Variants Introduction
Creating variants in ABAP Editor & Data Dictionary

Message Classes

Message Class Introduction
Message types
Calling message class in Report & Dialog programs

Selection Screens

Selection screen Introduction
Parameter Statement
Select-options Statement
Selection-screen Statement
Screen table and its fields
Dynamic screen modification by using Modify Id key

Open SQL Statements


Internal Tables

Internal Tables Introduction
Declaring Internal Table
Populating Internal Table
Processing Internal Table
Initializing Internal Tables
Inner Joins And For All Entries
Control Break Statements
Debugging Techniques

Debugging Techniques Introduction
Break-points (Static & Dynamic)
Watch points
Dynamically changing internal tables contents in Debugging Editor
Options to step through the program in Debugging Editor

Modularization Techniques

Modularization Techniques Introduction
Passing Parameters to Subroutines
Passing Tables to Subroutines
Function Groups & Function Modules


Reports Introduction
Classical Reports
Interactive Reports
Techniques Used For Interactive Reports
Get Cursor

Dialog / Module Pool Programming/ Transactions

MPP Introduction
Relationship between Screen, Flow Logic and Program
Flow Logic Events
Process Before Output (PBO)
Process After Input (PAI)
Process On Value Request (POV)
Process On Help Request (POH)
Include Programs in MPP
Include TOP
Include I01
Include O01
Include F01
Dynamic Screens
Leave Screen
Leave to Screen
Call Screen
Set Screen
Processing of List from Transaction and Vice Versa
Elements in Screen Layout
Table Controls
Step Loops
Tabstrip Controls

Batch Data Communication

BDC Introduction
BDC Methods
Call Transaction Method
Session Method
Handling Table Controls in BDC
Legacy System Migration Workbench
Different Methods
Flat file creation
Uploading data
File Handling
Application Server
Presentation Server

SAP Scripts

SAP Scripts Introduction
Components of SAP Scripts
Layout Set
Standard Text
Out Put Program
Modifying Standard SAP Script Layouts
Including Logos
SAP Script Utilities – Upload / Download

Smart Forms

Smart Forms Introduction
Graphics Management
Style Maintenance
Paragraph Formats
Character Formats
Writing print program and designing layouts

ALV Reports

ALV Reports Introduction
ALV through Function Modules
ALV Types

Runtime Analysis & SQL Tracing

Cross Applications
Introduction to Distributed Environment
Introduction to Cross Applications



Introduction to RFC
Creating RFC Destination between 2 Systems
Creating Remote Enabled Function Modules
Creating program using Remote Enabled Function Modules


ALE Basics
Overview of Outbound & Inbound Process
Configuration Steps
Define logical systems
Assign client to logical system
RFC destination
Customer distribution model
Creating Ports


What is an Idoc?
Types of Idocs
Basic Idocs
Extension Idocs
Creating Idocs
Message Types
Assigning Idoc type to Message type


EDI Basics
Difference between ALE & EDI
Overview of Outbound & Inbound Process
Configuration Steps
Port Creation
Partner Profile Creation


BAPI Overview
Creation of BAPI


What is workflow?
Overview of workflow

User Exits

User Exits Overview
Types of User Exits
Field Exit
Screen Exit
Function Exit
Menu Exit


BADIs Overview
Defining a BADI
Implementing a BADI

OOPS Concept

Object Oriented ABAP Overview
Defining a Class
Implementing a Class

Miscellaneous Topics

Correction & Transport request (CTS)
Transport Organizer
Work Bench Request
Task Creation
Release Objects
SAP Memory & ABAP Memory
Logical Database
SD Flow
MM Flow